Innovations in Wellness: Elevating the Standard of Well-Being

Tamara Gardner


Tamara Gardner

Tamara is the owner of Tamara Gardner Coaching & Consulting in Hingham, MA where she uses her expertise in people, planning, and processes to help busy professionals and business owners "quiet the noise" and get strategically positioned to accelerate their growth and success. In addition, she is the founder of Becoming Boldacious which focuses on motivating women to gain the confidence and control to thrive both personally and professionally.

Tamara has extensive real-life, in-the trenches experience navigating the corporate sector, entrepreneurship, and overcoming personal and professional challenges. What makes her uniquely effective is having a blend of hands-on experience in HR/Recruiting, executive coaching, Lean/Six Sigma, change management, leadership development, and Big 4 consulting that she harnesses to help her clients achieve breakthrough results. She is known to share realistic and relatable techniques with clients and audiences on how to get back in control and focused forward and has been referred to as a witty realist who inspires a call to action in everyone she encounters.

An avid writer, Tamara has been published in a variety of print and online media and in 2017 authored and published Time to Thrive, a planner, goal tracker, and bullet journal for busy women to manage all aspects of their life while focused on goal achievement. Tamara is also a highly regarded speaker with a reputation for using humorous stories, provocative questions and a realistic perspective to engage and motivate her audiences.

Personally, Tamara is known to be down to earth, “southern sarcastic”, and obsessed with NFL football and Octane on Sirius. She lives in Braintree, MA where she and her husband both attended high school.


Fostering Resilience in the Workplace

Using the relationship between resilience, stress, and productivity to help managers understand the importance of creating resilient teams.

Many business leaders assume an employee’s mental health is not their business. However, an employee’s mental health can greatly impact their performance—as well as a company’s bottom line. According to the Center for Prevention & Health, mental health problems (including depression and anxiety) alone are estimated to cost US employers between $79-$105 billion annually. Therefore, fostering resilience in the workplace has become an increasingly important business strategy – and managers are a key component.