Julie Paris

Julie Paris is the Wellness Program Manager at Akamai Technologies, Inc. In this role, she has successfully developed and continues to enhance the wellness program at Akamai. Julie blends her knowledge of behavior change and passion for health improvement to engage her colleagues, and their family members across more than 30 countries in the 5 Pillars of Akamai Wellness - active, nourished, calm, balanced, and healthy. Her connection to the health and wellness industry started with a part-time gig as a group fitness instructor; an activity she’s continued throughout her journey to maintain her own wellbeing while also supporting those around her.


Success Stories from Award-Winning Employer Wellbeing Initiatives

Join National Wellness Institute CEO Chuck Gillespie to learn about what local employers are doing to manage the wellbeing of their workforce. Chuck will moderate a panel of award-winner wellness program managers who will share key elements of their initiatives past, present and future. Gina San Giovanni will discuss how AAA Northeast improved financial wellbeing and pay equity during pandemic times and beyond; Hilary Glynn will outline what Eversource Energy did to address mental/emotional wellbeing as storm after storm challenged this highly regulated organization, and Julie Paris from Akamai Technologies will outline their successes with employee engagement in a hybrid workforce through strategic communications, ERGS and more.