Innovations in Wellness: Elevating the Standard of Well-Being

Emma Maurer


Emma Maurer

Emma Maurer is the Vice President of Enterprise Health for Peerfit, a digital platform that makes it easy for insurance carriers, brokers and employers to offer local fitness classes to their clients and employees. With nearly 15 years in corporate health promotion and population health management, Emma has authored a results-oriented implementation strategy that can be applied to all organizations regardless of size, industry or geographical location. Throughout her career she has maintained that health promotion is not "cookie cutter", but rather needs to be tailored to the uniqueness of each organization. Her strategic approach is the holy grail for employers motivated to control costs related to employee health and productivity. At Peerfit, Emma leads the enterprise health team by developing goals and strategies to grow Peerfit’s enterprise health division.

Prior to joining the Peerfit team Emma was director of St. Vincent’s HealthWorks, which provides corporate health and wellness programs to employers in Northeast Florida. She was also director of wellness services at GBS Benefits and wellness director for The Leavitt Group. Emma received her Bachelor’s degree in recreation from RMIT University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Disrupting the Approach to Employee Engagement through Technology and Data

Today’s wellness programs have notoriously been low in motivation and participation. Engagement among your employees should be a key indicator of a successful wellness program. Learn how digital technologies and personalization can enhance peer-to-peer engagement to drive exponential growth to your program and disrupt the standard approach to wellness.

In this session you will learn how technology and personalization can increase employee engagement, how engagement and the data is a key indicator of successful wellness program, and how to build community through engagement through executable action items.  You will hear pros and cons of some standard methods and new initiatives for a comparative analysis.