Edi Pasalis


Edi Pasalis

Edi Pasalis is an experienced social impact leader who cultivates mindful, resilient organizations. She is the driving force behind RISE, Kripalu’s evidence-based initiative that trains individuals in high-impact, high-stress organizations and helps create more people-centered, emotionally intelligent workplaces. Edi has overseen the training of thousands of educators, health and human services providers, law enforcement personnel, business leaders, and middle and high school students. Scientific documentation of her work has been published in the Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health and the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Edi has presented at the American Academy of Management; the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society; and the Symposium on Yoga Research. She holds master’s degrees from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and Harvard Divinity School, and certificates in Kripalu Yoga and positive psychology.


The Inner Landscape of Resilience

In this experiential session, you’ll learn Kripalu’s embodied approach to resilience and the specific practices that engage the whole body to cultivate calm, clarity, and connection – qualities that research shows help to reduce stress, combat burnout, build resilience, and improve decision-making and superior long-term job performance and enjoyment.

Explore your personal or professional stressors to understand your unique felt sense of stress and your habitual way of managing it. Experiment with three key tools to harness the cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral benefits of mindfulness, yoga, and positive psychology at work.

You’ll integrate your learning by creating an action plan – a blueprint for your ongoing practice. Rather than big, hard to implement plans, you’ll pick a very simple, natural next step for your personal practice to build resilience.