Innovations in Wellness: Elevating the Standard of Well-Being

Carrie Beers


Carrie Beers

Carrie Beers is a human resources consultant and leadership coach who believes success is earned through positive action.  With over 30 years of experience working with national and international organizations, she has been offered opportunities throughout the US to work with businesses looking to balance people and profits through innovative human resources and leadership development programs.

Insightful, enthusiastic, dynamic, leader who uses her thirst for knowledge and education to design unique programs that bridge the distance between corporate culture, leaders, and employees in companies that believe success is earned through positive action. Combining her strengths in communication, humor, motivating and training, she has propelled leaders to look at themselves as well as their leadership approach in new ways to create an empowered workforce. She has built a business that offers national and international organizations opportunities to balance people and profits through innovative programs that drive a shift in culture through innovative HR strategies and in leadership evolution and thought.  Carrie’s education is in human resource management and she is a certified Change Management Specialist and Six Sigma Lean Professional.

Carrie has been featured as a guest columnist in ​The Providence Business News​ throughout her career. Over the last 15 years Carrie has spoken at RI-SHRM on several topics; NEMUG of Rhode Island; Rhode Island Insurance Professionals of RI (IAIPRI); Center for Women and Enterprise; The Association of Accountants & Financial Professionals in Business (IMA); Northeast Region IBM iUser Conference; A yearlong speaking series for businesses in RI on a monthly basis; Co-Host of a positive living radio show on WPRO; and at her own live events.

Core competencies include: Visionary leader and motivator with a style that propels people to take action; excels at using strategic planning, problem solving, innovative thinking, change management and policy development to build collaborative teams, reduce turnover, improve morale, streamline processes, develop leadership teams and improve profitability; broad knowledge and hands-on experience working in high tech, service, nonprofit, engineering, manufacturing and startup industries.


The One Strategy Missing in Most Wellness Programs – Inner Emotional Resiliency Training

Most wellness programs are designed to help employees maintain good physical health.  Which is wonderful!  However, that is only part of the equation to improve employee engagement and the success of wellness programs.  People have deeply ingrained inner emotional biases that prevent them from being able to be successful in many ways.  One of the strongest is “negativity bias”.  This is where inner emotional resiliency training can help employees when the bias they uncover becomes too hard to face without having the tools and strategies in place to help them through the tough stuff.

Participants who attend this track will learn how incorporating inner emotional resiliency training to their wellness program will help employees:

  • understand how to identify all their negativity biases,
  • learn strategies to overcome biases
  • help them engage and succeed in wellness programs,
  • respond to challenges with greater flexibility,
  • have the confidence to participate and stick with it,
  • perform their jobs more effectively,
  • and improve their overall health (mind, body, spirit)