Merv Gilbert


Merv Gilbert, PhD, R Psych (Ret)

Dr. Merv Gilbert has had over thirty years experience providing clinical psychological services to children, youth and adults. He has been in a leadership role at regional, provincial, and international levels. He has published and presented in a diverse array of forums on a range df topics, with a particular focus on the importance of workplace psychological health and safety for individuals and organizations. He has served on a number of professional and non-profit organizations and is a member of the Steering Committee of the APA Psychologically Healthy Workplace Network. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. Dr. Gilbert is currently a Director of Vancouver Psych Health + Safety , a consultancy providing planning, training, implementation and evaluation services that enable organizations to foster psychologically healthy employees and workplace climates.


What Do We Know and What Don’t We Know About Resilience:
The Case of Paramedics

The capacity to recover from stressful experiences, often referred to as resilience, has been identified as a critical factor in preventing, or mitigating, the onset of physical and psychological injuries and disorders. This raises a number of questions. What is resilience? Does it only apply to recovering from extreme events, or critical incidents? Does it mean returning to baseline (bouncing back) or developing new skills (post traumatic growth)? Is resilience an individual character trait or a set of skills anyone can learn? What is the role of the employer or workplace in fostering resilience? What are the benefits to the employee? To the employer? This session will address these issues and describe a recent study designed to understand the stressors and key resilient coping skills in an EMS population. Suggestions for research and practice will be discussed.