Eileen Cooke


Eileen Cooke

Eileen Cooke is a Learning and Development leader who loves nothing more than being part of developing a great business by developing a great workforce.

I am...
A business leader who links business and people objectives to create learning systems and environments that not only connect the workforce to the development most relevant for doing great work now, but on that which will keep pace with what great work will requires of us in the dynamic 21st century marketplace.

I believe...
There is untapped potential and joy in every employee and organization in the world. Each capable of taking on the work needed to drive high impact, and often, unexpected results. My twenty-five years’ experience leading, teaching, coaching, designing and facilitating, across many industries and cultures, has made me a passionate believer in the greatness that awaits individuals and organizations when business focused, programmatic and experiential L&D is a cornerstone of the business. My team and I have the best jobs on the planet!

Personal Interests & Blessings:

  • 2 amazing teenage children
  • 1 wonderful husband
  • A large extended family that makes me laugh, keeps me humble, lifts me up and fills me with pride
  • 2 naughty dogs
  • An outstanding community that gives so much to me, every day
  • History & Travel to historic places


Resilient Environments

Environment! Simply put we are products of our environment. The recipe for resiliency is 1-part individual temperament/personality and 100-parts the collective mindset and systems of the environment in which we work/live.

If we want our individual team members and from there the workforce to be resilient, we must establish and nurture the cornerstones of a resilient environment. Join Eileen Cooke and other talent leaders as they discuss the components of resilient corporate cultures and environments.