Alanna Fincke


Alanna Fincke

Alanna is a health and wellbeing expert, who helps people build their resilience and coping skills, bringing about long‐term change in wellness, productivity, and performance. As meQuilibrium’s Director of Content, Alanna is particularly focused on making the powerful sciences of resilience and cognitive behavioral therapy accessible and understandable for all people. She is passionate about how technology can support the development of new habits and behavioral changes that enable people to thrive.

Alanna has worked in the health and wellbeing field for most of her career—in the media leading wellness brands, as a speaker and on television as an expert, and as a yoga teacher. A content and strategy leader with extensive experience as an editor and writer, Alanna creates content that connects with people and moves businesses forward. She has worked at some of the world’s largest and most recognizable media brands, including Elle magazine, Us Weekly, and Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

She lives outside of Boston with her husband and two children. She likes to say that wellbeing is in her blood: Growing up on an organic farm with hippie parents who were meditating long before it was in fashion, she was destined to crave kale, do yoga, and help people embrace the power of healthy living and resilience.

About meQuilibrium
meQuilibrium is the engagement and performance solution that harnesses behavioral psychology and neuroscience to unleash your organization’s full potential. By unlocking the power of resilient people and teams, your organization can navigate even the most turbulent of times. Powered by the predictive meQ scores and data-driven insights, our solution uses a clinically-validated assessment and robust benchmarking to measure resilience and create personalized training programs that build team and employee skills. With meQuilibrium, you can equip each of your employees to discover and master the skills they need to overcome any obstacle, increase agility, gain adaptive capacity, and transform your organization.


The 7 Habits of Highly Resilient People: Key Neuroscience Techniques That Will Empower Your People and Transform Your Business

Rapid and relentless change is now the norm in today’s global business environment. As a result, 68% of employees feel overwhelmed. And it’s for reasons related to low resilience: difficulty in handling and adapting to change, the inability to work well in a team, and poor handling of interpersonal problems.

In this dynamic and interactive session, you will learn key neuroscience-based tools to shift the mindset of individuals and teams. This presentation will positively shift your ability to navigate change, position for innovation and intelligent risk-taking, and create a new more positive and empowered culture.

You’ll learn:

  • Tools that help individuals respond to change with resilience and emotional intelligence
  • How to identify and work around brain-based “threat states,” increasing flexible thinking and effective problem solving
  • How to build greater engagement and trust in change through a growth mindset
  • Techniques to manage stress and emotions more effectively to get back on track when disruptions occur